Module @snort/system-react


React hooks for @snort/system

Available hooks


The main hook which allows you to subscribe to nostr relays and returns a reactive store.

useUserProfile(pubkey: string | undefined)

Profile hook, profile loading is automated, this hook will return the profile from cache and also refresh the cache in the background (stale-while-revalidate)

useEventFeed(NostrLink) / useEventsFeed(Array<NostrLink>)

A simple hook which can load events using the NostrLink class, this class contains one NIP-19 entity nevent/naddr etc.

useReactions(id, Array<NostrLink>)

Loads reactions for a set of events, this can be a set of posts on a profile or an arbitary list of events.

useEventReactions(NostrLink, Array<NostrEvent>)

Process a set of related events (usually results from useReactions) and return likes/dislikes/reposts/zaps


Search for profiles in the profile cache, this also returns exact links if they match


Hook state of the nostr system


import { useMemo } from "react";
import { SnortContext, useRequestBuilder, useUserProfile } from "@snort/system-react";
import { NostrSystem, NoteCollection, RequestBuilder, TaggedNostrEvent } from "@snort/system";

const System = new NostrSystem({});

// some bootstrap relays
["wss://", "wss://"].forEach(r => System.ConnectToRelay(r, { read: true, write: false }));

export function Note({ ev }: { ev: TaggedNostrEvent }) {
const profile = useUserProfile(ev.pubkey);

return (
Post by: { ?? profile.display_name}

export function UserPosts(props: { pubkey: string }) {
const sub = useMemo(() => {
const rb = new RequestBuilder("get-posts");

return rb;
}, [props.pubkey]);

const data = useRequestBuilder(sub);
return (
{ => (
<Note ev={a} />

export function MyApp() {
return (
<SnortContext.Provider value={System}>
<UserPosts pubkey="63fe6318dc58583cfe16810f86dd09e18bfd76aabc24a0081ce2856f330504ed" />




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